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Witched Platter Mat

Price44,64 €

Witched Platter Mat can't play music nor make playlists. It can't even download music. But it sure as hell can tune up your turntable and make it jam and look better than ever.

Witched Platter Mat is made put of Finnish reindeer leather. Isolating LP from you turntable improves the sounds and helps reduce noise by static and dust. You can accessorize your turntable with different jamming colours like cognac, nude, dark brown, black and bone white. You can't use this platter mat as a slipmat. It stays still like it's witched.

The diameter of the Witched Platter Mat are 29,5 cm, hole 7 mm.
Leather is thick, 2 - 2,5 mm.

We can help you choose the right colour for your vinyl player. Just send us a photograph of it in its location to, and we can help you choose the right colour of accessory for it.

Support your own vinyl player.

Arctic deer leather