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Artist Collection

gTIE Artist is all about our great customers, hard core professionals and talented newcomers, but most of all they are nice and friendly people who we love to work with. Some, we have known for years, some just ringed the bell, but what keeps us together is the will to do something together.

gTIE Artist products are designed for all of the artists and bands personally. You can't buy this "artist related" fan material anywhere else than from our webshop. In the products we are not trying to find the most selling or the cheapest option. The most important thing in these designs is what the artists would like to wear themselves and at the same time what the artists think their listeners would appreciate.

gTIE Artist Collection is about the bands thinking about their fans, yes. And gTIE Artist Collection is about our will to work deeper with our customers. But in the end it's all about working with nice people.

Jenni Ahtiainen
The Head Designer & Executive Force of gTIE